Chantelle Gray Devastating Side Effects

“Devastating side effects”


To create Devastating side effects, Chantelle Gray used gestural composition. This involves a motion sensor detecting her movement and position in 3D space and sending live information about the location of her head, hands, feet and various other parts of her body, as well as the motions they perform, to custom software running in the SuperCollider programming environment. Each sound heard was mapped to a specific part of her body and various movements and movement combinations. Chantelle also uses modular synthesizers, the Korg MS-20, and treated piano to create soundscapes.


Chantelle Gray is an academic whose interests span critical algorithm studies, queer and critical feminist theories, experimental music studies, anarchism, and philosophy. She is currently working on a book that brings to light some occluded histories of women and LGBTQI+ persons in accounts of electronic, experimental and noise music, titled Cybernetic Heretics: Technology, Gender, Sound. Related published work can be found here: Her music, including links to her tracks for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 International Drone Days, can be found here:

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