Interne Histoire

The twelve miniatures presented here are one facet of the Interne Histoire project.

Pia Baltazar's music and Anne Bliesenick's writing and inking have developed in parallel, feeding off and responding to each other.

The 12 poems, inks and pieces describe a cycle of 12 modes of emergence of the divine in a form.

Syntactic' elements of sound are developed in relation to those of the text and inks, and are subject to continuous transformation in relation to the poetic and visual movements.


1st prize in the SCRIME international electroacoustic music competition, Bordeaux, June 2003


Pia Baltazar -

A and P Baltazar work on hybrid art forms, between the visual and the performing arts.


Through the use of light, mist, smoke, wind and sound, their work focuses on matter and space in order to produce sensory experiences that suggest waiting, expectation, fragility…


They create site-specific artworks or installation-performances: sculptures of matter in motion.

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