Les 120 jours

Michel Chion, Lionel Marchetti, Jérôme Noetinger

Musique concrète composed in 1997/98.

Premiered on May 16, 1998 at Festival Musique Action in Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy,


Thanks to Dominique Répécaud.



  1. Générique
  2. Tous en piste…
  3. Solo
  4. Suite aphoristique
  5. interlude 1
  6. MacManus
  7. Danse de gorge
  8. interlude 2
  9. Suicide spirituel



  1. 120 bpm
  2. I am Dracula
  3. Appel de frein
  4. interlude 3
  5. Dérive
  6. Danse de l:usure
  7. Rêve de frein


In the words of Michel Chion, a musique concrète composer is not a collector of found

sound objects, but a phoniurge, a sound creator in the strongest sense, i.e. one who

works on sound generation operations of any kind from any source, without being

content to take sound as a natural flood to be stemmed or a pre-existing reality to be



Michel Chion, Lionel Marchetti and Jérôme Noetinger propose a music whose incongruity

fascinates. For Les 120 jours, they brought together a common mass of sounds from

multiple origins, which each worked, transformed and recomposed in his own style. In

this way, they give us the chance to hear their musical writing in the form of collage,

which they also call, for the occasion, a détournement concret.


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