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10.7.2021 und 17.7.2021

Lange Nacht der Musik Oldenburg am 10.7.2021 in der Garnisonskirche Oldenburg
Lange Nacht der Musik Bremen am 17.7.2021 im St. Petri Dom

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"yes yes yes yes yes"
Film: Anna Rosa Rupp, Halle
Musik: Joke Lanz, Berlin

Although we have never met in person our collaboration was directly on a very creative and friendly level and both sides were open for an experimental approach. We both come from different directions in our style and atmosphere of visuality and sound-art so we had to be open to react on each other as we couldn't imagined a certain result.
We both like to work with the approach of dissolving the visual or the auditory in concretion and to let abstracted material speak for itself as a composition of its own.
Our idea was to bring these approaches together playfully by sending each other material in the process and reacting to it improvised. In this way, piece by piece, an animation emerged as a collage with the attempt to approach, comment on and underscore each other in visual language and tonality.
Also on the personal level it was a very nice process of getting to know each other in each other's creative sense.


"Doll Approaching The Sun"
Film: Radik Golovkov – Bremen
Musik: Alice Kemp - Devon

The Doll is the Girl's Alter Ego and could be seen as a metaphor or a subject for extrapolation of any kind. And so, we sent our doll on a „life" journey. First we created a common rhythmic basis.  We downloaded a track from the NASA web site. This is a real (electromagnetic) sound of our sun, recorded by NASA over the years. It's a puls we follow, and neither Alice nor me are responsible for that beat – that means, we both just react to the same (real) rhythm of the sun.Then we had to specify the whole length of our composition and tried to shape some other additional mathematical contours for that purpose. We took the time the earth circles the sun – this way we set a good length for our work: 365 days = 365 second – about 6 minutes.Moreover we divided this sun vibes into 4 chapters, representing four periods in the life of our Doll. This chapters didn't have necessary to be visible or hearable for others – it was just for us, because we had to stay on the same wavelength simultaneously.Our suggestion was:winter: doll going to schoolspring: doll learning to flysummer: doll's deathautumn: doll approaching the sunIt's kinda audio-visual sinfonietta in 4 movements.


"stille post 01" + "stille post 03"
Film: Willehad Eilers, Bremen/ Amsterdam
Musik: Robert Lepenik, Graz

'Fuer das Projekt 'Stille Post' haben Robert und Ich uns vorgenommen gegenseitig auf unser schaffen zu reagieren und so einander zu beeinflussen. In schritt eins male ich zu einem von Robert komponierten Stueck. Im zwischenschritt zwei komponiert Robert ein weiteres Stueck auf das von mir geschickte Video. Ich reagiere dann in Schritt drei wieder darauf.
Das Ziel einer Kolaboration ist fuer mich immer etwas zu schaffen das eine person so nicht haette tun koennen. Es geht um Austausch und das Aufgeben des eigenen Egos zugunsten des Werks.'


"Renovations on the Mothership".
Film: Alex Beriault - Bremen
Musik: "The Liz": Liz Allbee, Liz Korhan Erel, Liz Kosack - Berlin

In "Renovations on the Mothership", light scans over a living subject in an approach that feels both gentle and somehow sinister. Although its purpose is unclear, it moves carefully to probe and re-shape the film's subject by disassembling her figure into estranged parts. Within this abnormal space, music co-exists as a composition of synthetic, atmospheric, and melodic sounds, all of which modify with the light. The figure's illuminated parts suspend amongst all-encompassing darkness, where neither a sense of gravity nor orientation appears to occur.


Alex Beriault is a visual artist whose works comprise of performance, installation, dance, and moving image. In her video, she creates an environment of light and dark, both of which become exploited in a sculptural manner to reveal, break apart, and restructure the subject matter.


The Liz is a Berlin-based musical trio who work within the genres of experimental, improvisational, jazz, beat-based electronic, and text-ridden music. Their score was improvised and arranged into a multichannel composition that extends the psychological atmosphere of the film into a physically surrounding, sonic experience.

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